Breakfast Specials

  1. Superfood quinoa bowl with spinach, pumpkin, seeds, blueberries and a coconut chia dressing 
  2. Yam flapjacks with Bulgarian yoghurt and date syrup 
  3. Kefir smoothies with hemp seed, goji berries, acai, macaroot and mixed berries
  4. Potato omelets with smoked salmon trout and crème fraiche
  5. Wild cherries stewed in hibiscus tea with Indian mulberry swirl yogurt
  6. Island style pancakes with banana, coconut crumble and honey
  7. Spiced chickpeas and sweet potato cakes with poached eggs
  8. Homemade Anchovy pate on toast
  9. Beignets with homemade nut butter
  10. Green juice / super juice with energy date balls
  11. Caramelized pineapple and Greek yoghurt
  12. Corn fritters with eggs Benedict
  13. Poached egg and mango acha salad with rocket and asparagus
  14. Coconut French toast with granadilla yogurt
  15. Ricotta fritters
  16. Bacon and egg, breadfruit Rostis
  17. Souskluitjies with caramelized plantain
  18. Baked tomato relish with crispy fried eggs and avocado
  19. Buckwheat galette with Ham and cheese
  20. Home made pickled onion and cheese Jaffles
  21. Sweet leek and chive savory tarts with crispy bacon
  22. Pineapple beignets with syrup
  23. Baby marrow flapjacks with crispy bacon and avocado
  24. Sweet quinoa porridge cooked in almond milk
  25. Haddock fish cakes with poached eggs
  26. Banana and honey wheat germ smoothie
  27. English breakfast pizza

Austen Johnston