Buffet Menu Options

  1. Asian beef tenderloin with ginger-shitake Brown butter and fresh spring onions
  2. Deep fried pako crumbed tombrini, oak smoked pork belly, majool dates, baby kale, walnuts and freshly pickled red onions
  3. Mexican corn salad with cheesy nacho's, roasted baby corn, bbq'd corn cheeks, avocado puree, jelapino, sour cream, fresh coriander and a tomato salsa 
  4. Ouzo fried Prawns with tomato petals, tarragon, garlic butter, parsley and kalamata olives 
  5. Butter Avocado, cos leaves, crispy celery and a mustard- lemon and poppy seed dressing
  6. Beetroot quinoa salad, dill, Swissland ash coated Chèvre, datal raisins, red wine macerated onions, toasted pecan nuts with a garlic oil
  7. New aged potato salad, using yams, sweet and russet roasted potatoes, fresh chili, prosciutto, pancetta, walnuts, spring onions and a high grade olive oil
  8. Blue cheese kale, with spiced caramelized almonds, port poached pears and de-skinned cherry tomatoes
  9. Salmon Gravlax, tempura white anchovies, deep fried capers, wild rocket and Crème fraîche
  10. Roasted Butternut, crispy bacon, toasted pumpkin seeds, Swiss chard, tomato and Parmesan salad with a Caesar dressing 
  11. Moroccan honeyed chicken tagine, cinnamon prunes, tender baby carrots (cooked slow in a Tangine dish) served with an almond cous cous 
  12. Seafood risotto with caramelized shallots and fennel, pine nuts, green olives, crispy fried capers and baby asparagus
  13. Deep filled Courgette, Leek and Goats cheese tart 
  14. Classic Greek Salad using aniseed marinated Swissland goat’s feta
  15. Insalata Caprice, Basil, Mozzarella di bufala, tomato variation, toasted pine nuts and a pesto olive oil
  16. Organic minced Lamb and Aubergine Moussaka 
  17. African volcano piri piri young chicken, sweetcorn pap and braised tomato 
  18. Roasted saffron Ratatouille risotto
  19. Chopped American chicken and cranberry salad with toasted walnuts and a Gorgonzola dressing 
  20. Crispy coppa, roasted Sweet potato, chickpea, cherry tomatoes and fresh coriander salad with a garlic yoghurt and cucumber dressing 
  21. Char-grilled beef fillet carved and served medium rare, trio of baby green buttered vegetables, Perfect polenta roast potatoes, Port and rosemary meat stock reduction sauce
  22. Succulent poached Lobster in a spiced citrus reduction, nutty fried basmati rice, braised fennel bulb and a coconut, coriander emulsion 
  23. Biltong salad of Butter avocado, grilled corn cheeks off the cob, toasted coriander seed and zesty lemon dressing  
  24. Chicken Yakitori with a spicy coconut & peanut dipping sauce 
  25. Caesar salad of fresh crisp cos leaves, anchovies, crouton batons, Parmesan and egg tossed through a delicious Caesar dressing 
  26. Giant forest mushrooms with pearl barley, feta and preserved lemon 
  27. Caramelized endives and gruyere with Serrano ham 
  28. Char-grilled cauliflower with whole grain mustard, sweet cherry tomatoes, dill and capers 
  29. Sesame seared Tuna on Chopsticks with a Soy and wasabi sauce 
  30. Classic North Indian Beef curry, served with fresh Naan bread crisps and 
  31. Fennel, cherry tomato and crumble gratin 
  32. Sweet potato, coconut and cashew gratin
  33. Potato, wild mushroom, cream and parmesan gratin with truffle oil
  34. Beetroot, fennel and apple salad topped with goats cheese and a walnut dressing 
  35. Slow roasted Shoulder of Lamb with a Red Berry Jus and Homemade mint Jelly 
  36. Semolina Roast potatoes
  37. Organic Pork belly, slow roasted in a light soy stock with lemon grass served with brussel sprouts and caramelized apples
  38. Free Range Turkey in a white wine and honey marinade                                            
  39. Rack of Karoo certified lamb basted in coriander and honey and braai'd the South African way
  40. Classic Beef Wellington
  41. Saffron Risotto with a trio of Green beans, petite pois, endamma, broad beans 
  42. Rosemary salted Leg of lamb, slow cooked in a Cobb
  43. Ginger marinated- Pan fried Line fish filleted whole sides with a tasty homemade Tarte tar sauce 
  44. Moroccan spiced Beef shish kebab, char-grilled and served with a slow cooked tomato& olive relish with fresh wild rocket
  45. Cape Malay Prawn and eggplant curry served with steamed jasmine rice
  46. Grains and more, a dish of grains and spices, served with crispy vermicelli noodles and caramelized brown onions 
  47. Steamed broccoli tossed in a pine-nut, roasted lemon and butter dressing

Austen Johnston