Dessert Options

  1. Pineapple tart tatin with a vanilla bean ice cream 
  2. French Lemon Meringue Tart, Raspberry Jelly & pistachio crumble
  3. Chocolate-Ginger Truffle Tart with Pear-caramel sauce 
  4. Peach & Almond Tart with Rooibos Crème Anglaise 
  5. Baked Alaska of Pistachio ice cream, accompanied by an apple, pistachio and mint soil
  6. Almond & Ricotta Torte with a dreamy lemon milkshake 
  7. Honey Cheesecake with a herbed sorbet, honey-crunch and fresh strawberries 
  8. Assiette of apple – Baked & ricotta filled apple, apple tart tatin with ginger ice cream & lavender tuille, stack of apple crisps & sweet apple granita 
  9. Cherry Cake with dark chocolate & earl grey ganache filled cherries, white chocolate sauce, brandy snap& spiced cherry sauce with clotted cream 
  10. Pine nut baklava – baked pears filled with blue cheese crème, caramelized pine nuts, cinnamon syrup and blue cheese crumble 
  11. Poached nectarine with chateau d’yquem granita & sunflower petals  
  12. Chocolate bread & butter pudding with a dark chocolate crème anglaise
  13. Meulle Fieulle of spiced crème patisserie, blackberries, thyme syrup and pink peppercorn meringue shards
  14. “Strawberry Shortcake” – almond shortbread, vanilla crème fraiche, basil syrup, gran riserva balsamico & lime infused strawberries 
  15. Peach consommé with peach sherbet, summer fruits & phyllo cigars
  16. Fig & frangipane tart with red wine rippled vanilla ice cream 
  17. Fromage blanc mousse, thyme poached peaches, champagne jellies, peach puree with a pink peppercorn tuille and caramel popcorn
  18. Cherries & Berries – a celebration of summer dessert 
  19. “Banana split” – Poached banana ice cream with white chocolate – banana crepes & chocolate sauce 
  20. Veloute of bittersweet chocolate with cinnamon-stick ice cream 
  21. Lemon Sabayon – Pine nut tart with honeyed mascarpone cream
  22. “Candied apple” – Crème de Farine with poached apples and ice cream 
  23. Chocolate cakes with red beet ice cream & toasted walnut sauce

Austen Johnston