Lunch & Dinner 7 Day Summer Menu


Lunch Buffet

·    Sweet corn and basil soup with avocado mousse and crispy pancetta

·    Grilled Tuna with a white wine béarnaise

·    Minted grapefruit and spinach salad

Seasonal fruit salad with a maple and mint dressing 

Plated Dinner

Beef Carpaccio with red and green tomatoes, aged balsamic and basil rub


Island style lobster ‘paella’, dashi stock, edamame beans, kombu, chili roasted pineapple and sushi rice


Bitter chocolate Tart with ginger ice cream



Lunch buffet

·    Compressed melon salad with crispy coppaham, arugula, pecorino and a lemon and thyme vinaigrette

·    Malaysian pickled fish, baby gem lettuce wedges and grilled corn bread

·    Smokey Baba ganoush dip with crudities’ 

Frozen yoghurt lollies 


Plated Dinner

Salmon poke bowl with spring onions and spiced macadamia


Grilled fillet of Beef, slow braised allium vegetables in braising juices, goats cheese, pomegranate and parsley 


White chocolate mousse with a pineapple and star anise salsa


Lunch buffet

·    South Indian raw vegetable salad with a coconut dressing

·    Tandoori spiced Shrimp Skewers with Flat bread wrap and lime

·    Yoghurt and mustard rice

Tropical fruits, mandarin sabayon, dried pineapple wafers

Plated Dinner

Salt and pepper calamari, candied pickled ginger, spiced green mango, cilantro


Indonesian Betawi Laksa, fresh turmeric and galangal, lentil sprouts, boiled egg and crispy fried shallots served with compressed rice cakes


Nectarine pistachio Crumble 





Lunch buffet

·    Harissa cauliflower tossed with chickpeas, feta and crispy onions

·    Sticky orange chicken with spiced cashews

·    Savory pancakes with spring onion, herbed sour cream and


Rum macerated strawberries with coconut yoghurt


Plated Dinner

Bagna couda foam with a raw baby vegetable salad


Slow braised Lamb rump, salted caramel roast potatoes, prunes and sautéed green beans with a cinnamon spiced lamb stock reduction


Thin Apple tart with vanilla pod ice cream 



Lunch buffet

·    Corn Fritters with a jalapeño and avocado dipping sauce 

·    Grilled Halibut, lemon and dill salsa

·    Potato wedges in Cajun spice  

·    Cucumber and poppy seed salad

Peach and Strawberry Napoleon 

Plated Dinner

Burrata with a Kale salsa verde, deep fried white anchovies and sourdough melba



Hot smoked snapper and mussel chowder with crispy pancetta and charred corn



Date and almond wontons with orange citrus syrup 



Lunch Buffet

·    Truffle scented white asparagus with a poached egg and hollandaise

·    Water melon and pecorino salad with marinated olives, pickled red onion, fresh leaves and preserved limes

·    Tiger prawns with Pernod, tarragon and feta in a prawn broth

Tempura pineapple with coconut sorbet

Plated Dinner

Potted Lobster, fennel and orange salsa with lime segments and saffron butter


Slow roasted Pork belly, roasted Brussel sprouts with pomelo, caramelized shallots, cilantro and star anise



Ginger Malva pudding, sesame brittle, braised rhubarb ice cream, hot and light toffee sauce




Lunch buffet

·    Miso glazed salmon cakes with wasabi mayo

·    Seared beef tataki, bonito flakes, crispy ginger

·    Asian style slaw with a lemongrass and maple reduction

Lemon and Coconut sorbet 

Dinner BBQ Buffet


·    Smoky baba ganoush with cherry tomatoes, coriander, pickled red onions and pomegranates

·    Hot potato salad with, walnuts, chili, garlic, biltong and spring onions

·    Rocket, avocado and pecorino salad


·    Garlic French roll


·    Miso glazed sweet corn on the cobb

·    Cauliflower grilled with a whole grain mustard and dill marinade


·    Mozambique peri peri chicken flatties

·    Peppered rump steaks, thick cut

·    Pork neck kebabs, sticky basting sauce

·    Mussel potjie pot, white wine, herbs and garlic with a dash of cream


·    White chocolate and macadamia brownies

·    Fresh berries salad with amaretto sabayon

·    Thin Apple tart with cinnamon and apple sorbet

Austen Johnston