Lunch Dishes

Tossed orange chicken salad

With island wild spinach, cashews and avocado


Pork belly croquettes

With an endive and apple salad


Lavish Laksa lemak

With prawns, tofu and a poached egg


Grilled chicken mujadara

With spiced coconut sauce


Mixed roast vegetable salad

With yoghurt, green chili and basil pesto


Local grown sweet corn

Served on the cob with a miso glaze of white miso, palm sugar and lime


Island garden salad

With green papaya, kale, basil, heart of palm and a coconut and lime dressing


Brussel sprout salad

With pickled mushrooms, poached egg and Manchego cheese served with a honey and mustard dressing


Pan fried Mahi mahi

With a raw coconut, lime and peanut salad with a coriander and avocado dressing


Greek lamb burger

On a brioche bun layered with tzatziki, feta, pickled red onions and served with crumbed olives and a tomato salad


Coconut and lime snapper tartar 

With green papaya, chili and young coconut flesh


Harissa cauliflower salad

With chickpeas, feta and crispy onions


Baked line fish

With crushed new potatoes, caper berries, pink peppercorns, rough chopped herbs and roasted garlic


Thai scented fish cakes

Served with a pickled lime mayonnaise


Confit of octopus

With corn fritters, fresh coriander and a jalapeño and avocado dressing


South Indian raw vegetable salad

Chopped salad of peppers, zucchini, radish, cucumber, coconut flesh and cherry tomatoes served with a spiced masala coconut yoghurt dressing


Tikka Jack fish kebab

With paratha bread, tomato salsa and cucumber raita


Grilled beef fillet

With hand cut potato chips and hollandaise sauce


Pan fried job fish

With turmeric crushed potatoes in a creole fish broth


Thai gold chicken curry

With steamed jasmine rice


Buffalo mozzarella

With shredded cos leaves, grilled artichokes, pickled lime and candied lemon


Tiger prawns

With Pernod, tarragon and feta in a prawn broth


Tomato variety

With wasabi mascarpone, sweet pickled shallots, basil and pine nuts


Sharp and sour octopus

With an endive, black olive & golden raisin salad


Chermoula octopus

With a cucumber, green tomato, avocado and mint salad


Creole dhal puree

With hot and sour aubergine


Spicy dog tooth tuna Californian rolls

With an Asian slaw tossed in wasabi mayonnaise


Pan fried line fish

With island wild spinach and kaffir lime infused coconut milk


Tempura tofu miso soup

With spring onions, nori and shitake mushrooms


Vietnamese octopus salad

Tossed with palm heart, peppers, mango and fresh chili


Chermoula lamb chops

With baba ganoush and a cherry tomato, pomegranate, red onion and coriander salad


Crispy skinned chicken

With an oyster mushroom and barley “risotto”, parmesan and parsley


Veal loin steak salad

With island wild spinach and minted grapefruit


Turkey and avocado burger

With fresh cilantro, lime aioli served with sweet potato crisps



Savoy cabbage and radicchio slaw, fresh apple, pecan nuts, dill and a sour cream with a maple mayonnaise dressing


Pan fried beef fillet

With sweet and sour allium vegetables, goats cheese and pomegranate


Super food salad

With quinoa, edamame beans, pumpkin, wild island spinach, almonds, blueberries, coconut and chia dressing


Chicken Caesar salad

With an organic chicken breast, parmesan, white anchovies, croutons, crispy bacon and Caesar dressing


Cobb salad

With Angus beef fillet, Roquefort, cos leaves, tomato, avocado, chives and a French vinaigrette


Chilled gazpacho

With a petite cheese and water melon platter served with multi seed crackers


Szechwan chicken

With peppers, onions and egg fried rice


Varieties of carrots

A warm salad with a yoghurt, mint and cumin dressing


Robust Greek salad

Caraway marinated feta, chunky cucumber, pickled red onions, sun-kissed tomatoes, fresh cherry tomatoes, marjoram, home cured Kalamata olives and a Greek dressing


Beef steak roll

Baguette with tomato chutney, island grown rocket and gruyere


Yellow fin tuna tataki

With ponzu sauce and tempura leek rings


Spiced chickpea & chili bites

With a spicy coconut and curry leaf puree


Tom yum po taek soup

With mixed seafood, galangal, spring onions, nori and shitake mushrooms


Quinoa tabbouleh 

Chopped salad with parsley, avocado, radish, mint, chouchout, tomato and lemon


Apple salad

Chilled green apples with island grown arugula, full cream brie and a cinnamon dressing


Beef and blue cheese burger

With caramelized onions and Cajun spiced potato wedges


Garden salad

Rocket, crispy bacon, vine tomatoes, avocado & parmesan salad with a basil pesto mayonnaise, garlic croutons and a soft poached egg


Yellow fin tuna California roll

With a sweet and spicy ponzu reduction


Pork belly carbonara

Spaghetti in a parmesan sauce with crispy pork belly and garlic


Chicken pad Thai

With vegetable fried rice, toasted peanuts, fresh lime and sambal olek


Gluten free pizza

With a cauliflower base topped with aubergine, sundried tomato, red onion, basil and goats cheese


Fatoush salad

With endive, avocado, tomato and cucumber with crispy flat bread croutons, coriander and mint served with a cinnamon yoghurt dressing


Parsnip, cumin and coconut soup

A smooth coconut based soup served with crispy parsnip chips


Curried fish samoosa’s

With a coriander dipping sauce


Chicken and zucchini burger

Layered with fresh cos leaves, sriracha mayonnaise, southern fried gherkins and potato chips


Garlic shrimp with squid ink tagliatelle

Tossed in parmesan, lemon zest, garlic and fine herbs


Grilled game fish steak

With a tempura vegetables and a passion fruit, thyme and green pepper corn sauce


Sweet and sour chicken

In vegetable fried rice with a sous vide egg


Slow roasted shallot salad

With walnut salsa, fresh leaves and pecorino


Chinese calamari wok fry

With spring onions and shitake mushrooms


Pan-fried red snapper

With fresh basil, smokey baba ganoush, a tomato and coriander chutney served with lemon-scented potatoes rosties


Chicken livers

With red wine, smoky bacon and cherries served with grilled sour dough


Spiced buttermilk marinated and poached line fish

With creole dhal cooked with wild spinach and cherry tomatoes


Tamarind glazed line fish

With a mango, papaya salad and fresh coriander, native lime and toasted peanuts


Paleo zucchini “pasta” aglio e olio

Zucchini spaghetti with parmesan, chili flakes, garlic and a soft poached egg


Bright green pea soup

With rolled goats cheese croutons


North African spiced celeriac puree

With spiced cauliflower florets, walnuts and a poached egg


Water melon and feta salad

With marinated olives, pickled red onion, fresh leaves and preserved limes


Rare pan roasted beef fillet

In a tropical stir fry of green papaya, Chinese cabbage and coconut served with crispy fried chili vermicelli


Wahoo ceviche

Freshly caught barracuda dressed with lime and coconut milk and served with a mango and cinnamon leaf oil salsa


Wild mushroom and barley “risotto”

With fresh tarragon, feta and garlic chips


Wedge salad

Of gem lettuce, fried prosciutto, blue cheese dressing, beetroot pickled egg and crispy buttermilk fried onions


Grilled entrecote steak

With breadfruit thick cut fries, roasted garlic puree and a creole sauce


Creole crustacean bouillabaisse

With sun kissed tomatoes, fresh basil and crusty grill bread


Island style fish goujons

Coconut crusted and served with a chili, ginger mango puree


Tamarind glazed Tuna burger

With a tropical slaw and sweet potato chips


Octopus rice paper rolls

With spiced carrot salad and a green ponzu dipping sauce


Spicy Malaysian pickled fish wontons

With a yoghurt, mint and coriander dipping sauce


Tikka marinated Job fish

With a north Indian vegetable salad, yoghurt and mint dressing


Braised red snapper

In kalamata olives, white wine and tomato with fine herbs and lemon scented potatoes


Buttermilk poached red snapper

With a fresh green legume and orange salad


Chilled cucumber and avocado soup

With yoghurt and dill


Cream of pumpkin soup

With cinnamon, honey and mascarpone


Tamil aloo fry samoosa’s

Spiced potato samoosa’s with a coriander dipping sauce


Cream of mushroom soup

With thyme, crispy leeks and cheesy puff pastry sticks


Dog tooth tuna nicoise

Cold salad of potatoes, fine green beans, olive tapenade, tomato and a perfect yolk


Tropical seafood curry

With fruit relish and deep fried sticky rice


Coffee steak salad

With leafy greens, blue cheese and grilled pears


Chicken and avocado baguettes

With baby spinach, lemon mustard dressing and French fries


Cypress avocado salad

A fresh salad with olive tapenade, cucumber, pickle red onions and a feta cheese,


Beef tataki

With crispy fried ginger, skip jack flakes and spring onions


Grilled Fish

With a ratatouille vegetables stew of Spanish olives and roasted lemon


Truffle white asparagus

With a poached egg and hollandaise


Grilled line fish

Spaghetti in a seafood velouté with clams and crispy bacon


Roasted sweet potato soup

With curried apple, mint and yoghurt


Grilled Job fish

With steamed asparagus, potato rosties and tarragon beurre blanc


Grilled rock lobster tail

With fragrant coconut sauce, cassava and crispy fried onion


Masala fried fish

With apple, fresh coriander & tamarind salad and candied cashew nuts


Austen Johnston