Main Course Menu Options

Meat Dishes

  1. Chicken consommé with miso fried vegetables and chicken meat balls
  2. Hot smoked duck breast, red wine poached pears and brussel salad, cracked hazelnuts, mustard glaze
  3. Chicken chattinadu with paratha and mixed vegetable raita 
  4. Slow roasted pork belly with a warm salad of roasted brussel sprouts, pomelo, caramelised shallots, cilantro and star anise
  5. Cobb Roasted Lamb Loin with Olive Oil-Poached Artichokes with a Red Wine-Kalamata and Caper Jus
  6. Poached Beef tenderloin with Celeriac and Potato gnocchi, roasted root vegetables served in a clear beef broth
  7. Hot smoked duck breast and apple-ginger risotto with a red wine glaze
  8. Chermoula spiced beef on lemongrass skewer with a green papaya salad
  9. Char grilled beef rib eye with breadfruit thick cut fries, roasted garlic puree and a creole tomato sauce
  10. Lamb fillet, roasted celeriac, leek confit, burnt leek ash, radicchio, horseradish crème
  11. Duck breast, caramelized sweet potato tart, jus, cherry puree and buttermilk poached turnips
  12. Ponzu beef, hot and spicy pear puree, chargrilled broccoli, crumbed gorgonzola, deep fried tarragon and a red wine poached pear
  13. Pork belly, purple cabbage puree, berry and Schezwan pepper sauce, red endives, onion cups with ginger ponzu jus 
  14. Lavish pulled beef risotto with carrots, caramelized baby onions, red wine and parmesan
  15. Coriander Chicken burger, Cajun spiced & fried onion rings, avocado puree
  16. Slow roasted spicy mandarin duck, cinnamon pumpkin with pomegranates & celery leaves
  17. Bison rib eye steak, red wine caramelised shallots, root vegetable mash, meat stock reduction
  18. Crispy Duck with Prosciutto-Wrapped-slow roasted Fennel Bulb and-Cherry Sauce
  19. Roasted organic Hen with potato Pavė and a gingered Mustard sauternes sauce
  20. Creole beef curry, local fruit sambals, basmati rice & a fragrant coconut sauce
  21. Tropical beef wok fry, chili vermicelli, fresh coconut, green mango, fresh coriander
  22. Coconut chicken with a mango dipping sauce and an avocado, cilantro lime and mint salad
  23. Morocco Lamb Tangine, dried figs, almonds, prunes, coriander and honeyed baby carrots served in a saffron cous cous 
  24. Grilled Beef fillet steak roll, avocado, fresh basil and whole grain mustard dressing served with Bread fruit thick cut potato chips
  25. BBQ Lamb chops with roasted ratatouille vegetables and potato celeriac rosties
  26. Crispy duck breast with a rhubarb & beetroot salad, pickled red onions and gorgonzola, dressed with pomegranate syrup
  27. Slow roasted Pork belly, roasted brussel sprouts with pomelo, caramelised shallots, cilantro and star anise
  28. Rack of Lamb, courgette baba ganoush, pine nuts and za’atar
  29. Grilled marinated beef fillet with tamarind glazed onions and flavours of sesame served with BBQ roasted bread fruit
  30. Springbok loin, vintage port, truffle and preserved fig jus, pan seared fois gras, crunchy sweet peas
  31. Dried Fruit-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Cumin roasted new potatoes and a bacon sherry vinaigrette
  32. Duck and mango curry with a lemon and curry leaf rice
  33. Beef fillet with root vegetable salad, pancetta, pecan nuts, chilli and spring onions
  34. Beef rib eye chop, sweet corn and jalapeño fritter roulette’s, sweet chilli sauce
  35. Lamb loin with beetroot risotto, beetroot wafers and white anchovies
  36. Veal fillet with parsnip puree and red wine caramelized shallots
  37. Crispy skin organic chicken with Spanish potato and chorizo stew
  38. Pan fried Pheasant breast with orange bitters, roasted sweet potato, figs and wilted spring onions
  39. Honey and coriander marinated sous vide chicken, root vegetable pave, chardonnay jus
  40. Rack of lamb with a beetroot risotto, beetroot wafers and white anchovies
  41. Lamb chops, root vegetable chips, confit of cherry tomato with rosemary and garlic
  42. Beef burger with blue cheese, pancetta and fresh cos leaves, Cajun spiced and battered onion rings
  43. Crunchy chicken schnitzel burger with slaw and beer battered gherkins
  44. Rack of lamb, Organic roasted tomato with a pine nut and herb crust, served with a caramelized onion and black olive tatin, finished with a rich thyme jus
  45. Five spice and molasses rubbed baby fowl Roasted and stuffed with courgette and fig served with a Purée of sweet potato and wok fried greens
  46. Crispy Pork belly with Stir fried Tatsoi, Brussels leaves, Julienned Vegetables, toasted Hazelnuts and a Spicy Star Anise sauce
  47. Ostrich Steak with Root Vegetable Pavé and a Parsnip Purée 

Fresh Fish & Seafood dishes

  1. Hot smoked snapper and mussel chowder with crispy pancetta and charred corn
  2. Dill brined sous vide wahoo with cold toasted ptitim salad
  3. Clam chowder with olive oil sautéed croutons and smoked bacon
  4. Island style Lobster paella, sushi rice, shitake mushrooms, chili roasted mango, dashi stock and chorizo
  5. Line-fish with a lemon, lime and chili quinoa salad, fresh herbs, almonds 
  6. Pan fried Job fish fillet with a spicy Catalan potato and capsicum stew with green olives
  7. Asam Fish Laksa, coconut milk, noodles, tamarind and mangosteen with spiced cashews
  8. Yellow fin tuna loin with lemon scented white asparagus soup and caviar
  9. Grouper satay, wok fried greens, peanut crumble, sprouts and a pad Thai sauce
  10. Pumpkin & Snapper fricassee with curry leaf and lemon infused basmati rice
  11. Steamed Mussels with schezuan chili oil, vegetable dumplings and fresh herbs
  12. Indonesian Betawi Laksa, fresh turmeric and galangal, lentil sprouts, boiled egg and crispy fried shallots served with compressed rice cakes
  13. Kadai Prawn Curry with fresh coriander and mustard yoghurt rice
  14. Cold poached lobster in an Israeli cous cous salad of tomato, mint and jalapeno vinaigrette
  15. Tuna steak with a pistachio crust, buttered green asparagus and a guava and lemon salsa
  16. Roasted jackfish with pancetta mash, creamy shallot and clam sauce and wild island spinach
  17. French green bean and White Anchovy-Larded Tuna Loin with a Roasted garlic and Carrot Purée, black olive meat stock reduction
  18. Wild Cape Salmon with Braised Egg Plant purée, Pancetta Bacon, Wilted greens and a red Wine Emulsion
  19. Slow Roasted halibut fillet with a Macadamia Nut crust, Bok Choy and Spicy Lemongrass-coconut Emulsion 
  20. Sea bass satay, wok fried Asian green veg, lemongrass reduction, toasted cashew paste
  21. Pan fried Captain blanc, lemon roasted potatoes, grilled cauliflower, dill & mustard dressing
  22. Red snapper & Banana san Jacque parcels, coconut fried jasmine rice, lime leaf and a basil coconut shot
  23. Miso glazed line fish, spicy yellow curry aubergine, tamarind glaze, sour sop puree and flash fried micro carrots
  24. Line fish, basil beurre blanc, grilled zucchini, fresh basil, parmesan & toasted pine nuts
  25. Seared sesame crusted Norwegian salmon, sautéed beetroot, tempura California roll, soy caviar
  26. Sweet and sour grouper with egg fried rice, curry leaf oil and chili roasted pineapple
  27. Seafood  risotto, deep fried capers, green olives, pine nuts and slow roasted garlic
  28. Crispy skin Kabeljou with Steamed Green Asparagus Tips, collard greens and Potato- Apple-Celery Puree 
  29. Asian Fish and chips - Seared salmon or tuna steaks marinated with chilli, yuzu and teriyaki accompanied by potato julienne and Sichuan dusted deep fried onion rings
  30. Red Snapper with cumin and Lemon potatoes, prawn ratatouille and crispy capers
  31. Tropical Octopus & coconut curry
  32. Grilled crayfish with tamarind glazed onion & mango salsa
  33. Pan fried job fish with a Spanish potato and chorizo stew
  34. Tamarind glazed line fish with tempura aubergine, curried coconut sauce and micro steamed vegetables
  35. Line-fish with a lemon and lime quinoa salad, fresh herbs, almonds and avocado
  36. Grilled jobfish fillet with tempura vegetables and a passion fruit, green peppercorn and thyme sauce
  37. Creole fish stew with capsicum peppers, tomato and red snapper served with a bilimbi aioli & cinnamon leaf rice
  38. Pan fried snapper, pea risotto with cumin, lemon zest and goats cheese
  39. Lemongrass snapper kebab’s, Asian wok fried vegetables, sesame and lemongrass reduction
  40. Snapper & scallop risotto with shitake mushrooms & dill
  41. Sweet and sour Chinese seafood stir fry, chilli roasted pineapple
  42. North Island spiced Fish consommé with clams, black mussels and red snapper
  43. Fish burger with lemon mayonnaise, romaine leaves and tempura gherkins
  44. Squid ink linguini with seafood, dill, white wine and parmesan
  45. Seafood pasta, home-made linguini, citrus zest, parmesan, pernod and fine herbs
  46. Octopus with Thai spiced yam puree, green Thai salad of lemongrass, basil, coriander & leeks with a lemongrass & coconut curry sauce   
  47. Tropical octopus & coconut curry with green banana and North Island mangoes
  48. Scallop risotto with apple and pancetta served with a light beurre blanc and fine herbs
  49. Poêlé of langoustines and line fish with Nicola potatoes and asparagus
  50. Seafood Laksa, Asian greens, lemongrass and coconut with spiced cashews
  51. Lobster and butternut bisque with crispy ginger and nut brown butter
  52. Grilled seafood wok fry with chilli roasted pineapple, Chinese sweet and sour sauce, crispy vermicelli noodles

Vegetarian Dishes

  1. Wild spinach tagliatelle with gruyere and garlic mushrooms
  2. Chestnut risotto with drunken pecorino, finely chopped parsley, fresh mint and a red wine reduction
  3. Home-made paneer with cashew nut korma sauce
  4. Bubble and squeak risotto with a soft but crispy egg
  5. Soft pumpkin polenta with grilled pumpkin, pumpkin seed crumble feta and buckwheat crisps
  6. Mushroom risotto with garlic, thyme and sheep’s cheese
  7. Creole vegetable curry with creole rice, banana Kat-kat and chout chout pickle
  8. Quinoa and wild garlic cakes with a hazelnut romesco sauce
  9. Caramelized shallot tart tatin, goats cheese mousse, fresh arugula and spiced almonds
  10. Tomato barley “risotto” with caraway and feta
  11. Brown lentils sautéed with red onion, blue cheese, sun kissed tomato and fine herbs
  12. Beetroot risotto with walnuts, gorgonzola and fried onion
  13. Indonesian gado gado with cracking peanut sauce
  14. Chinese sweet and sour aubergine, wok fried peppers with chilli roasted pineapple and crispy vermicelli noodles
  15. Pumpkin and sage gnocchi with nut brown butter, ricotta and crispy pumpkin
  16. Biryani with lentils,  fried onions, saffron rice with cinnamon oil 
  17. Noodle Galettes with sautéed mushrooms and cumin-infused celery root broth
  18. Baby beet tart tatin with goat’s cheese and humus
  19. Beetroot risotto with walnuts, gorgonzola and fried onion
  20. Yam and onion bhajis, tomato gravy, yoghurt rice and coriander dhai dipping sauce
  21. Celeriac gnocchi with watercress cream, charred asparagus and truffle oil
  22. Salt baked parsnips, with candied beetroot, curd cheese and a maple-mustard dressing
  23. Sous vide goose egg, fried Indian upma, pickled vegetables and yoghurt

Austen Johnston