Appetizer Ideas


  1. Tempura Corn, miso and tamarind mayonnaise
  2. Red wine braised shallot tarte tatin, champagne crème, baby leaves, shitake mushrooms
  3. Goats cheese crusted in pine nuts, sundered tomatoes and smoked chipotle peppers, with a petit tomato and fava bean salad, dragon crackers and a black pepper vinaigrette 
  4. Roasted Mediterranean vegetable terrine with Red Pepper velouté
  5. Wild Mushroom and white Truffle Risotto with a Parmesan tuile
  6. Caramelized Baby Onion and Mushroom tart with Champagne Cream sauce
  7. Salad of Endives filled with fresh marinated Raspberries, marsala poached pears, toasted blanched Almonds and Gorgonzola cheese
  8. Warm Camembert with pea shoots, rich berry compote and a Melba crisp 
  9. Spicy marinated grapefruit  salad, peanuts, coriander, green mango, sesame seeds, mint & watercress
  10. Smokey polenta chips with home-made tomato sauce
  11. Quinoa and garlic cakes with sauce salbitxada
  12. Coconut fried Plantain bananas, avocado dip
  13. Tomato tart, tomato crisps, basil crisps, basil foam, pine nut crumble and balsamic caramel
  14. Swiss fondue filled tomato, basil, caper, olive, thyme & crouton salsa
  15. Tempura celery, peanut dipping sauce
  16. Tropical slaw with candied macadamia nuts, purple cabbage, green mango, mint and papaya
  17. Buffalo mozzarella, avocado, basil and ponplemous salad with pistachio crumble, citrus and pistachio dressing
  18. Globe artichokes with a champagne & parmesan crème dipping sauce
  19. Bagna couda with a raw baby vegetable salad
  20. Cherry tomato salad with a warm beurre blanc and parmesan tuile
  21. Soft polenta with mushrooms, garlic and parmesan
  22. Chermoula roasted aubergine, tomato and pomegranate salad with a lime and coriander dressing
  23. Compressed watermelon with goats cheese, crispy pancetta and a berry-pepper sauce
  24. Muscat jerepiko poached Asian pear & Tombrini (white mould goats cheese) stack with a walnut vinaigrette and a walnut tuile


  1. Vietnamese octopus salad of palm heart and coconut chunks
  2. Dragon fruit cup of Malaysian pickled fish
  3. Fish soup with tomato and chorizo
  4. Wahoo gravlax, sweet ‘n sour poppy seed, parsley, cucumber salad
  5. Tempura shrimp, soy and lime dipping sauce
  6. Deconstructed Nicoise salad of Herb seared Tuna loin, Paprika seasoned Quail egg, toasted Brioche, Olive tapenade and baby tomato petals
  7. Salmon tartare with Avocado and Caper puree, pickled Lime oil
  8. Atlantic Crayfish and Butternut Squash soup, brown Butter and fried Ginger
  9. Sea Scallops with Blended Chicken Liver Sauce, Braised Legumes and a red wine Vinaigrette
  10. Wok-smoked Snoek with sweet and sour Fennel and Kumquat Sauce
  11. Tian of avocado, slow roasted Tomato and baked Aubergine with Tempura of Prawn & Calamari.  Spicy Japanese Mayonnaise and sweet Chilli sauce
  12. Classic Cape Malay pickled fish, Bella tomato and shallot salsa  
  13. Pan fried Scallops, fried scallions, passion fruit & green peppercorn dressing
  14. Salt and pepper calamari with coriander, spring onions, chilli pineapple and caramelized ginger
  15. Mussel potjie pot, pernod, tarragon, tomato petals, kalamata olives
  16. Bonita carpaccio, spiced local green grapefruit
  17. Mackerel salad of sultanas, green olives and celery
  18. Pan fried Scallops with pomelo fruit and sumac
  19. Langoustines cocktail
  20. Shell fish Poêlé, pernod, tarragon, tomato petals, kalamata olives
  21. Pan fried scallops, grapefruit carpaccio, sumac and fine herbs
  22. Coconut and lime snapper ceviche, green mango and coconut salad with cinnamon leaf oil
  23. Curried fish samoosa’s with a coriander dipping sauce
  24. Chorizo and prawn stuffed squid with red pepper puree
  25. Prawns wasabi with a cucumber, sesame and pickled ginger salad
  26. Octopus and crab salad with cucumber, peppercress, spring onions, radish a pinch of chili angel hair and chili oil
  27. Potted Lobster, fennel and orange salsa with lime segments and saffron butter
  28. Prawns in potato waistcoats with curry salt and lemongrass reduction
  29. Tempura oyster, fresh oyster, vichyssoise, Vietnamese dressing, chorizo slices
  30. Beetroot cured Norwegian salmon, beetroot chips, beetroot wafers, beetroot jelly and sour cream with fennel and lemon
  31. Vietnamese fish cakes, coriander and papaya slaw, fresh lime
  32. Chermoula fish tako’s with avocado, coriander, sour cream and an avocado salsa
  33. Prawn, coconut and local green grapefruit salad with fresh mint and chilli jam
  34. Spicy Bonito Californian roll with a wakame salad and sweet and sour wasabi 
  35. Malaysian fish samoosa’s with a sour cream and sweet chili dipping sauce
  36. Grouper ceviche marinated extra virgin olive oil with a blood orange
  37. and thyme reduction
  38. Coconut crusted shrimp with a spicy mango dipping sauce
  39. Tropical fruit & Crayfish salad with pickled red onion and a celery seed and citrus dressing
  40. Burrata with a Kale salsa verde, deep fried white anchovies and sourdough melba
  41. Salmon Roe-Potato Blini with Tobiko Wasabi Crème Fraiche and Osetra Caviar


  1. Beef tartar, telaggio, horse radish emulsion, lavash
  2. Duck liver and foie gras terrine with sherry jelly, hazelnuts and pickled gherkins
  3. Chicken consommé with miso fried vegetable
  4. Seared Basil oil-Marinated Drakensburg Beef with Daikon Salad and Meyer Lemon
  5. creamy Polenta & Rabbit terrine with swiss chard, truffled mascarpone, trumpet mushrooms and a truffle vinaigrette
  6. Crispy Duck breast salad with Mesclun greens, warm Goats cheese, and a Citrus and Walnut Vinaigrette
  7. Smoked Chicken and Fennel Terrine with Fennel Puree 
  8. Compressed rock  Melon and prosciutto salad with a berry & green pepper dressing
  9. Smoked Duck breast with pickled beetroot, beetroot crisps, vermouth jelly, hazelnuts & chocolate sauce
  10. Tandoori quail, cucumber raita, tomato salsa, mini naan breads
  11. Parfait of chicken liver and foie gras with pickled figs
  12. Duck confit leg, pomegranate, red pepper, tomato and shallot salad
  13. Thai beef salad, chili vermicelli, green papaya, fresh coriander, sesame dressing
  14. Spanish Gazpacho with lavash crisps, fresh lettuce and spicy chorizo


  1. Chilled beetroot soup with a ginger apple shot and sour cream
  2. Sweet corn and basil soup with sweet corn fritters , avocado puree, crispy pancetta
  3. Thai red lentil soup with aromatic chilli oil and a coriander and mange tout stir fry
  4. Onion and cider soup with Gruyere toasties
  5. Chilled vichyssoise with tempura oyster, fresh oyster and spicy Spanish chorizo
  6. Fish soup with tomato and chorizo, citrus dust and a herb salad
  7. Broccoli soup, tempura broccoli, blue cheese, spring onion and herb salad

Austen Johnston